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In-Flight Services


A consulting firm would like to learn more about services being provided by leading airlines. The project is almost completed when the research team realizes that they need a last minute interview with someone knowledgeable in cabin crew operations. With their deadline quickly approaching, the research team contacts Nathan Research Group asking for an interview to be arranged and completed within the next four hours.

Our Solution

Nathan Research Group quickly identifies a former flight attendant trainer for an Asian flag carrier who meets the client’s criteria. Contact is established within one hour and a telephone consultation is scheduled to take place two hours after the initial call to the expert.

The Result

Although the expert is initially taken aback by the suddenness of the request, the consultation is satisfactorily completed and the client is able to submit their project on time. The client is so grateful that Nathan Research Group receives a personal call of thanks. Nathan Research Group’s team is structured so that individual members are given significant flexibility when dealing with client requests. Rather than being required to hand off the request to the relevant team, the analyst who took the client call is able to take the initiative and deliver a high quality product in a very short amount of time.

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