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Anti-Bribery and Corruption Policy 



Nathan Research Group does its utmost to conduct business in an honest and ethical manner while maintaining professionalism, fairness, and integrity in all our dealings and relationships. We maintain a zero-tolerance policy towards bribery and corruption and expect our employees to maintain the highest of professional standards when conducting business and to strictly adhere to the following policy.

Recognizing Bribery and Corruption

Bribery and corruption are intended to influence individuals to act in way that contravenes legally recognized contracts, professional standards and practices, and professional codes of conduct.

Bribery can be defined as the offering of money, gifts, and/or favors in exchange for the receiver providing the giver with the intent to influence decision making in way that results in unfair and improper advantages being provided during the course of conducting business. Corruption can be defined as the abuse of power for personal gain and can include, among other dishonest actions, bribery.




Nathan Research Group does not and will not engage in bribery or corruption. The company and its employees will never request, solicit, or offer any sort of payments, gifts, and inducements that can be construed as illegal or unethical.

Nathan Research Group will do its utmost to respect all laws that are relevant to bribery and corruption in jurisdictions where we and/or our experts are based and operate in.

Nathan Research Group will not knowingly do business with any person or organization that is suspected of or known to have engaged in bribery or corruption.


Employee Responsibilities


Nathan Research Group expects its employees to be vigilant and resistant to any and all signs of bribery and corruption. If an employee of the company is offered, or is solicited for, some form of cash, gift, and/or favor in exchange for preferential treatment during the course of Nathan Research Group business, they are expected to immediately report the incident so that proper steps can be taken against the responsible parties.

Any Nathan Research Group employee found to be in violation of the company’s policy against bribery and corruption will be subject to disciplinary action, which may include termination of employment and the pursuit of legal action against the employee.

Compliance With the Policy


It is the responsibility of your local anti-bribery and corruption officer to ensure compliance with this policy in each business. Ultimate responsibility for compliance with this policy throughout the group is taken by the Group Compliance Officer. However, each of us has an obligation to act with integrity and to ensure that we understand and comply with the policy. Ongoing compliance will be monitored and reported by Internal Audit.

Training will be provided to relevant employees throughout the group to support them in complying with their responsibilities. If you are not selected for training but believe that it is relevant for you then please ask your local HR manager for further information. In addition, all employees will be required to confirm that they have understood and complied with the policy annually.

Getting Help


If you are unsure about your obligations under this policy, you should contact one of the following people for help:

Nathan Research Group
#1608, West Wing, Hannshin Intervalley 24, 322 Teheran-ro, Gangnam-gu,

Seoul, 06211, South Korea​

Tel: +82 2 939 3630


Last revised 08/Aug/2022

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