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We deliver high quality experts to provide the most relevant insight.


Established in 2013, we are an expert network that is focused on delivering high-quality experts to our clients in Korea and throughout the world. Our clients include multinational corporations, global consulting firms, private equity firms, venture capital firms, asset management companies.


They rely on us to promptly provide them with the best possible experts and consultants and we will do the same for you. We are the fastest growing expert network in Korea, with a database of over ten thousand experts from every field imaginable.​



Our mission is to help our clients gain lasting competitive advantage through connecting more precise resources and more insightful experts at the right time. We are committed to growing our business through developing strong partnerships and by placing the emphasis on providing high levels of customer satisfaction.


Our mission statement is to ensure that we provide the right resources at the right time to maximize our clients’ business potential. We don’t want to be the biggest but we do want to be the best.  

As our business continues to grow we work hard to keep these values at the core of our operation. We are a company that values individuals and teamwork, where people care about each other and share their knowledge freely.


We strive for excellence and aim to exceed expectations. We work hard to achieve our goals and we encourage our staff to be ambitious. We constantly reward and celebrate individual and team success. Retaining our competitive edge through innovation is central to the way we operate and we are always looking to improve our business processes and services.

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