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Automotive Engineering


A regular client is looking to learn more about the automotive industry. Unfortunately, the target company is rather small and information is scarce. Nathan Research Group suggests alternative companies that provide similar products but the client is adamant that they wish to speak with someone with direct experience with the target company.

Our Solution

Our analysts realize that the target company is the located in the same city as another automotive company that we had dealings with in the past. One analyst contacts a previously-recruited expert from the second company and asks if they might know anybody. The expert says no but offers to make some inquiries on our behalf.

The Result

The previously-recruited expert is able to find a candidate from the client’s target company through a mutual acquaintance and the client is able to proceed with the interview and gain their desired information. Nathan Research Group works hard to maintain good relations with the experts we work with. We realize that the primary research industry is built entirely upon interpersonal relationships and that treating people with respect and making sure that our registered experts are taken care of will pay long-term dividends.

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