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Korean Education Companies


A New York-based hedge fund wishes to learn about Korean after school study programs and how they operate. The industry is extremely opaque and even the largest companies have a very small digital presence geared exclusively towards Koreans. The client turns to Nathan Research Group, being based in Korea, to try and learn more.

Our Solution

Our analysts manage to find a small number of senior-level experts who are knowledgeable about after school study programs and are willing to speak. Due to the client’s stringent compliance protocol, we put the experts through an extra layer of screening before submitting their profiles to the client for review.

The Result

The consultations are completed and the client is more than happy with the result. Nathan Research Group is unique among primary research firms as it started and grew in Korea and initially focused exclusively on Korean clients and experts. Because of this, no one else knows the Korean marketplace better nor can they deliver results faster. Whenever the world’s corporations wish to know more about Korean business, they invariably turn to Nathan Research Group.

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