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SE Asian Electric Cables


A consulting firm would like to learn more about the Southeast Asian electric cable industry. There is very little information available through secondary sources and what little is available is almost exclusively published in various local languages, which none on the research team is able to understand. The client asks Nathan Research Group to try and find an expert who can explain the industry to them.

Our Solution

The lack of secondary information translates into a lack of primary information sources. Traditional recruiting methods do not yield any viable expert candidates so Nathan Research Group initiates a “chain of deals” until coming upon a consultant with the relevant knowledge base.

The Result

Although the client is initially reluctant to pursue the interview, due to the unconventional way the expert was recruited, they quickly find themselves satisfied with the quality of the expert and receive new, unexpected, information in the process. Nathan Research Group will do all that we can to ensure that our clients’ project needs are met satisfactorily and on time.

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