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Alternative Energy Solutions


A consulting firm is working on a project that is looking into alternative energy sources. While there are plenty of potential candidates, the client is looking for experts who worked at the target companies within a specific time frame. Despite the added criteria, we are able to find an expert who meets the client’s needs. However, upon getting in contact with the expert, we discover that the assignment was handed out derby-style and that we are in direct competition with a number of other research firms for the same expert.

Our Solution

Our analyst, upon reviewing the expert’s profile, knows that the expert enjoys car customization and the two are able to bond over a mutual interest in classic cars and similar music tastes. By taking a few extra minutes to get to know one another, the analyst is able to convince the expert to accept Nathan Research Group’s offer over those of other firms.

The Result

The expert and the client speak for an extended interview session and, impressed, the client arranges for additional follow-up calls. We realize that we are in a hypercompetitive market and that everyone is under pressure to provide big numbers as fast as possible. But it is also a new market and few people are aware of what companies like ours do. By spending a little extra time to get to know experts beyond their professional backgrounds, Nathan Research Group is able to put experts at ease and make them comfortable in sharing their knowledge and opinions with others

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